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At To Your Rescue we understand that caring for animals is hard work and we can help!

Our flagship program, To Your Rescue, is a computer program to help you get organized and save as many animals as possible. With our user-friendly software you can throw away messy paperwork and files and say hello to a beautifully organized system. To Your Rescue tracks animals and their milestones like adoptions, returns, fosters, and more. It keeps medical records including reminders for veterinary appointments, medications, etc.  And, it’s perfect for TNR groups and wildlife rehabbers.

It takes money to save animals and most animal groups depend on donations and the kindness of others to keep operations going. To Your Rescue keeps those records too. It also helps organize important shelter documents and artifacts. And there are lots of queries, searches and reports.

Most rescues depend on volunteers to help accomplish their myriad of daily tasks. Our software will help navigate volunteers’ availability and the specialties and talents they bring with them. Stay ahead of the game and play to volunteer’s strengths while they appreciate you working around their schedule.

We are supported by Microsoft BizSpark. BizSpark is a Microsoft initiative to help startups whose mission they approve of who they want to be successful. Their support comes in various forms; free development software, cloud services, advice, and possible venture capital just to name a few. To Your Rescue runs in the Microsoft cloud and we are, and always will be, a ‘Microsoft Shop’.

If you are a rescue, shelter, TNR group, wildlife rehabber, or  sanctuary and would like to learn how we can improve your operations, records, and fundraising please contact us

Our Mission

Our mission, and the sole reason for our existence, is to help animals.

And, we have a little different way of helping them. We help them by helping you.

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We know that you have tight budgets. For this reason we offer TYR to you at a very low price. You get installation, training, support, and updates for $19.95 per month. Yes, you read that right; $19.95 per month. And, for this low price you not only get the best animal rescue software available you also get the best IT infrastructure, the Microsoft Cloud.

If at any time you decide to stop using To Your Rescue you just let us know and there will be no more charges.

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We are here to resolve any questions or problems. Call 910-249-9696. You will also get fast response to emails or website forms asking for our assistance. Send emails to We love helping you and making sure you get the most out of our product.

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