Our Mission

Our mission, and the sole reason for our existence, is to help animals.

And, we have a little different way of helping them. We help them by helping you. We can’t be on the front lines of your rescue doing the important work of caring for the animals. We wish we could be but distance makes it physically impossible. But we can help in other ways. Our primary way is to by having you use our TYR software package. It does so many things to make your life easier and your financial position better. These things quickly translate to better lives for for the animals in your care.

If you use the TYR software there are other ways that we can help. You may need fundraising advice, event advice, technical advice or help with computer or design related things like logos, graphics, and documents. Maybe a website. Whatever you need you can talk to us and we can help. If it’s a small task there won’t be any charge but if it’s more than that; like a website would be, then we’ll have to charge a nominal amount.

So, give us a call, 910-249-9696, and let’s get started.

Sales are temporarily suspended until we can bring on another software development manager. If you would like to be put on a notification list just email contact@toyourrescue.org with a subject of ‘Notification Request’.