Read what some of our TYR customers have to say about us.

TYR has proved to be an invaluable asset for Paws-Ability.  Our membership list demanded hours to manage each membership drive with no ability to email critical information to our members.  TYR provides a membership list, with history of donations from each member, a history of volunteer activities members are interested in plus the ability to send email information to renewing members, non-members or business members with ease.

Paws-Ability is a small nonprofit organization, not unlike thousands of small organizations that struggle in today’s technologically advanced world.  TYR makes us more efficient and helps us document a history of usable information at our fingertips. 

The part of TYR that applies to rescue groups is over the top!  No more paper files to shuffle and a perfectly organized print out available for each animal in rescue.  This printed information provides a vet record for each animal.  Every nonprofit that struggles with accumulated data needs TYR. We are better organized with our data and we manage programs that are changing our community.  This type of software is normally available only to large companies but now smaller groups can benefit as well.  It has really helped Paws-Ability.

Thank you TYR.

Janie Withers, President, Paws-Ability, www.paws-ability.org

“TYR has helped us become so organized and with a polished, professional look.”
Sherry Gloer, President, Adopt-an-Angel

“This program has helped our financial position through targeted mailing lists and also by the way in which the software and the TYR organization helps with the production of thank you notes.”
Jill Jones, Treasurer, Adopt-an-Angel

“TYR is an awesome program. It is professional and very easy to use. The fact that you can add pictures and quickly access Petfinder and Facebook is awesome.”
Barb McLane, Rescue Animals Community Effort

“This flexible program is the result of several years of collaboration between users (myself and animal rescue) and the designer. The program is easy to use and incorporates complete record keeping as well as a thorough reminder system for vaccinations, procedures and medical rechecks. I believe that this system will fulfill the needs of most shelters.”
Dr. Art Daun DVM

“One of the parts of the program I like a lot is the ability to print out the reminder list for animal vaccinations. When the vet comes to the shelter to give animals their vaccinations she looks at the list, sees what the workload is, gets the vaccinations ready, and off we go to vaccinate the animals.
Cathy Fitzgerald, Manager, Southport/Oak Island Animal Rescue

“TYR is a wonderful resource for rescue groups. We are currently using their software program to track our adoptions and veterinarian records. It is the most user-friendly program we have ever used. They now have a website service to help bring your website to a whole new professional level. This non-profit service is the best service R.A.C.E has had the pleasure to use to help our non-profit group grow.
Cheri McLain, President, Rescue Animals Community Effort

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