To Your Rescue

Animal Shelter Management Software

To Your Rescue is the perfect solution for small to medium-size rescues. It is self-contained on a computer in your rescue or home.   There are no worries about bad actors in cyberspace or internet connectivity. You rule. TYR will hold all the information you will ever enter.  TYR ships with your production database plus a practice database so that you can experiment and try things out.  Combine this with our intuitive interface, documentation, explainers, how to’s, and training and you will be a TYR pro in no time. 

TYR Helps You Help Animals

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Home Screen

  • Manage Animals, People, Companies, and Organizations
  • Customization of your animal types, clinics/vets, etc.
  • Reminders for Vaccinations and Medicines
  • Event Management
  • Membership Management
  • Reports, Queries, and Searches
  • Rescue artifacts like organizing papers and meeting minutes


  • Initial intake processing
  • Photo identification
  • Animal description reports for adoption events
  • Animal milestone entry: foster, adoption, return, release, and more
  • Reports that show all health related records
  • Reminders for Vaccinations, Medicines, Procedures & Tests


  • Records of adopters, surrenderers, and foster parents
  • Donor records including personal information and amounts donated
  • Volunteer Information and availability
  • Mailing Lists for fundraising and communication
  • Thank you note reminders and assistance


What TYR users are saying...

TYR has helped us become so organized and with a polished, professional look.”
Sherry Gloer, President, Adopt-an-Angel

“This program has helped our financial position through targeted mailing lists and also by the way in which the software and the TYR organization helps with the production of thank you notes.”
Jill Jones, Treasurer, Adopt-an-Angel

“TYR is an awesome program. It is professional and very easy to use. The fact that you can add pictures and quickly access Petfinder and Facebook is awesome.”
Barb McLane, Rescue Animals Community Effort

Manage Donations

Manage Volunteers

Manage Events

Manage Mail Lists

TYR Benefits

  • Animal Intake and History:   You’ll have all known information on your animals in one place.  Maybe there is a particular behavior that you want your volunteers or potential adopters to know about?  It will be in TYR.
  • Animal Photos, Documents, Videos:   Store BLOBs (Binary Large Objects). 
  • Animal Reports for Adoption Fairs: Have information on your animals ready to take with you to adoption fairs.  You won’t have to scurry around at the last minute gathering the material you need to take with you.
  • Health Histories for Adopters and Vets: Think of the time you spend getting your animal’s health records together for new parents and vets.   Making sure they know about all the procedures, vaccinations, and medications the animal has received in the past and more importantly; reminders for the ones they are to receive.  Giving this information to the appropriate people just got a lot easier. With just a couple of clicks you can print them or email them.
  • Health Reminders: Don’t miss giving an animal a medication they are supposed to get.  Throw away all those scraps of paper you now have this written on.
  • Mailing Lists: Want to send an email or regular letter to your adopters?  Your donors? Your Board of Directors? Your volunteers? Want to send out a newsletter?  TYR has the lists that you need.
  • Reports, Queries, and Searches: Need to find an animal you had three years ago?   Want to find out who adopted Emily? Want to report to your donors how many animals you took in last year?  How many adoptions you had? Who are your top donors? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg of things you can learn by just a quick query to TYR.    Do you have state-mandated reports.  Let TYR give you the numbers you need.
  • Donors and Donation History: Easily your most valuable information because these are your supporters and benefactors and the people that ensure that you will have the resources you need to continue your mission.  These lists, used as we will suggest, will suggest, will keep you well-funded. We go further than our competitors with our guarantee. If you use TYR as we will suggest, and if you don’t recoup any money that you’ve paid to us, we’ll give you a full refund.   How can you beat that?
  • Thank You and Acknowledgement Reminders: The easiest way to not get any further donations is to forget to thank people. TYR won’t let you forget. And they’ll make writing them easier. TYR will quickly tell you important information needed for each thank you. Information like how many donations has this person made in the past, what is the total of these donations, what animals did they adopt from you; all of these things help you to write better thank you notes.   So many donations are in honor of or in memory of someone or some pet. You must let the family know of these honorariums and memorials. TYR will help you do that.
  • Event Management: You’ll want to let last years attendees know about this year’s event.   You’ll want to know who donated the food, drink, and music. Who worked the registration table. TYR won’t let you forget.
  • Membership Management: Memberships keep your community connected to you.   Members are an official part of your family. Let TYR manage these for you and keep track of current members, expiring memberships, and former members.    
  • Rescue Documents: Have in one central place all of your rescue organizing documents and meeting minutes.   Maybe you need to send off a copy of your non-profit, 501(c)3 approval? Do it fast with TYR.