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Managing Attachments (Documents, Photos, Videos, URLs, Notes)

On certain screens in the application, you can attach important documents, photos, videos, web page URLs, and notes. Attaching these items to TYR records enables you to have them all in one place for easy viewing and for downloading if you want to save a copy to another location. (Note: URLs and Notes can be viewed but not downloaded.)
Record type
Examples of items you might want to attach
Documents and photos related to the organization's history and other important business information such as 501(c)(3) approval, meeting minutes, photos of the organization's key personnel, etc. and perhaps even videos recorded during special company events; URLs to Facebook page, gallery of event photos, or other important web page; notes regarding business decisions and other important facts
Photos and videos of the animal, health documents from vet visits and medical procedures, URLs to events in which the animal will participate, and general notes that you want to remember about the animal
 People, Companies, Organizations (PCOs)
Photos and videos of people and organizations; documents related to their dealings with your organization; URLs to their web pages; notes about interactions you have with them
Event flyers, photos, and videos; notes related to event planning; URL to event web site, etc.