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Creating & Managing Auto Completes - Cities

When entering addresses for people and businesses, the automatic completion feature in TYR will save you keystrokes. You can set up a list of abbreviations for the cities in which most of your supporters and associates are located, along with the state codes. You can even choose to include one or more leading numbers in the zip code.  When you create a new record for a person and type the city abbreviation in the City field, the system automatically fills in the rest of the information you set up using the procedure explained on this page.
The image below shows an example of the automatic completion in action on the screen for adding a new person to your database. The abbreviation that was set up for Ashland is "Ash" (case-sensitive) so that's all the user typed in the City field, and the system did the rest, populating the State and Zip fields as well. The only missing element here is the last digit of the zip code. (Note: It's optional but certainly very helpful to include at least a partial zip code when a lot of your supporters and associates are located in the same area.)
This page includes instructions for creating, editing, and deleting Auto Completes - Cities.  

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Auto Completes - Cities