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   User Guide

Learning Screen Conventions

All TYR screens (also called "windows") follow a pattern and design that make them easy to learn and use. There are certain buttons that appear on most screens, and the layout of many screens is the same or very similar, including the center grid that appears on several screens. Here we will discuss these conventions so you can become familar with them even before you begin to use TYR.


2. If you click the Close button on the Home screen while there are other open screens on which you have entered data but not saved it, one of the unsaved screens will pop up, along with this message :

General vs Specific Screens

General screens show a list of the records related to that screen's function, and also contain several buttons that provide access to specific screens.
Example of a General Screen
In this example, the screen contains a central grid that shows all active records related to that screen's function, in this case Animals. Surrounding the grid are buttons at the top right(1), right side (2), left side (3), and bottom right (4)
(1) Blue Buttons
One or more of the following five buttons appear on most screens in the application. (If you can't recall what a button does, hover your cursor over it to see a brief description of its function.)
  Add - This button launches a screen where you can create a single new record of whatever type is associated with the screen you're on, e.g., new animal, new person, new event, new animal type, etc.
  Add Multiple - This button opens a screen where you can add two, three, or four new records, depending on the type of record you're working on.
  Details - After you select a row in the grid in the middle of the screen, you can click this button to open a screen containing details about the selected item. This screen will also allow you to edit the existing details, as you'll discover in other Help topics.
  History - After you select a row in the grid in the middle of the screen, you can click this button to view historical information about the selected item. For animals, you will see a list of all the milestones associated with the animal (e.g., intake, foster, adoption, death, etc.). For people, companies, and organizations (PCOs), you will see everything that PCO has done in connection with your organization (adoption, foster, volunteer, donation, etc.).
  Photos, Documents, etc. - You can click this button to open a Manage Media, Documents, URLs, and Notes screen that lists any attachments associated with a selected item. From this screen, you can download a copy of any existing photos, videos, and documents, and you can also attach new items. You will learn more about attachments as you explore the various modules in the application.
Note: The last two blue buttons to the right of the Photos and Docs button in the image above are unique to the Manage Animals screen. You can find information about those buttons here.
(2) Right Side Buttons
Buttons on the right side of the grid require a selection of at least one item in the grid.  Some buttons allow selection of multiple objects and some only allow one selection. Buttons that allow the selection of more than one object have an asterisk after their names. If you select more than one item and the button does not allow it,  a message to that effect will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. 
(3) Left Side Buttons
Buttons on the left side of the grid DO NOT require a selection of an item. They access queries and searches related to all the items in the grid. (Example: If you want to know how many intakes or adoptions occurred in a specific time period, click the Milestone Query Button.)
(4) Bottom Right Buttons
These buttons are on every TYR screen. 
Specific screens show information in the upper left corner about the item selected in the grid on the general screen. They also display a photo (if available) in the upper right corner.
(Recall that any screen with the Photos and Docs button allows you to upload photos. A photo can also be added when you create a new animal or new PCO record. )

The Center Grid

Every General screen and many Specific screens have these.   To view information or perform any action on an item in the grid, you must first select it.
To select a single row in the grid:
Click the blank cell to the immediate left of the item you want to select. The entire row should become highlighted. If the entire row is not highlighted in a different color, it is NOT selected.
To select multiple rows in the grid:
To select the entire grid: Double click the blank cell at the top left corner of the grid.
To sort items on the grid: Click the heading of the column to be sorted. The system sorts alphabetical items from A to Z or Z to A and numerical items from lowest to highest or highest to lowest.