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Installing the Application

To Your Rescue(TYR) is a computer-based software application that runs on a single computer. On this page, we'll address technical requirements for computers running TYR, and then we'll look at the actual installation procedures. We'll also cover the procedures for installing updates.

Computer Requirements

Before you install TYR, check to make sure your computer hardware and operating system meet these requirements:

Performing the Installation

When you complete your purchase of TYR, you will receive a link to download the software.  When you receive the link, follow these steps:
1. Click the download link provided.  The file to be downloaded is a zip folder named
Note: Depending on your browser settings, you might be prompted for a location to save the zip folder. If so, save it to a location of your choice, e.g., in the Downloads folder provided by Windows.
2. Open the folder.  Within it you will see another folder named TYR_Installer.
3. Open the folder named TYR_Installer and you will see a file named TYR_Install.exe.
4. Double-click the file named TYR_Install.exe to start the install process.

Note: Depending on your computer’s security settings, after you double-click the TYR_Install.exe file, you might see a User Account Control popup window that looks something like the one below. If so, click Yes to start the install process.


When the installation is complete, you will see the TYR icon on your computer's desktop and a shortcut on your taskbar.

Installing Updates

After you begin using TYR, check frequently to make sure you always have the latest release. The release number of your current version appears in the title bar on all TYR screens.
 To check for and download the latest release, follow these steps:
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A Note about TYR and Anti-Virus Programs

Some anti-virus programs and web browsers might alert you that the file TYR_Install.exe is dangerous.  They do that when they don't recognize the file name. Of course, this file is completely safe but if your anti-virus program won't allow you to do the install, you might need to change its security settings or temporarily disable it just until the installation is complete. If you must disable your anti-virus program, we recommend disconnecting from the Internet during this time and then reactivating your anti-virus program before reconnecting to the Internet. (If your web browser alerts you when you try to do the download, you will likely be given an option to download anyway. The TYR installation file is safe, so choose the option to go ahead with the download.)
Important Note: If your anti-virus program continues to prevent the installation, we might be able to provide some guidance. However, because there are several different anti-virus programs on the market, we might not have the information necessary to help you resolve the issue. For this reason, we ask that you request assistance from the manufacturer of your anti-virus software.

Successful Installation

You’ll know if TYR has installed the way that the designers intended if your home screen looks like the image below. It should fill the entire monitor screen without any distortion. If it doesn't, change your display settings as described above under Computer Requirements / Monitor Resolution.