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How to Use this Guide


Viewing a Specific Page

The titles in the navigation pane on the left are hyperlinked to pages that will appear here in this frame.
Titles in UPPER CASE LETTERS are introduction pages to the features and functions covered under that title, and a plus (+) sign beside a title indicates there is a list of subtitles for that category.
To reveal the list of subtitles, simply click the plus (+) sign.
On every To Your Rescue screen, you will see a Help button at the bottom right.   
On many User Guide pages, there are embedded hyperlinks to other sections on that page or to other pages where you can find additional information and, no matter what page in the User Guide you are on, you can always use the left navigation pane to access any of the other Help pages.

Using the Index and Search Features to Find Information

It is not always possible to identify the exact page or pages you need by looking at their titles. When you don't know which page to view, you can use the Index and Search features to find one or more pages containing the information you seek.
How to Use the Index
How to Use the Search Feature