Exploring the Home Screen

The TYR Home screen is your control center and it can be branded with your organization's name, address, phone, and logo. It is divided into four major sections:
1. Modules: Here you can launch screens to add and manage records for animals, people, companies and organizations, all of which form the basis of your system. You can also access other optional screens to create and view records for items like donations, events, and groups, and you can initiate searches and queries and run reports from here.
2. Customization:  The controls here enable you to make To Your Rescue your own. You can make changes to your organization information if needed, and you can set up drop-down pick lists of the types of animals you rescue, the ways in which you acquire the animals, animal behaviors you want to include in reports, vets you use, types of vaccinations and medical procedures your animals receive, etc. You can even select screen colors that are appealing to your eye.
3. Reminders: These reminders become part of your daily "to do" list and are derived from entries you make on some of the screens in the Modules section.
4. Administration: This section is where you will add and manage users and make backups. You can also choose to change your own password from here at any time, and use the User Guide button to go to the home page of the online TYR User Guide.

Common Controls

 At the bottom right is a set of common control buttons that appear on every To Your Rescue screen. They are enabled and disabled according to context.  
On the Home screen, only the Help and Close buttons are enabled because there is nothing to edit, delete, or save. (If you click on the Delete, Edit, or Save button, nothing will happen.)

Important Note about the Home Screen

While you are logged into TYR, the Home screen remains open, regardless of how many other screens you have open. (When other screens are open, the Home screen stays in the background.)