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   User Guide

Adding & Managing PCO Records

This page contains instructions for adding a single PCO record, adding up to four PCO records at the same time, editing, and deleting PCO records.

To Add a Single PCO Record

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To Add Up To Four PCO Records At Once

To Edit a PCO Record

(a.) If there are no other records associated with the PCO record, you will see this confirmation popup window:
Click OK. You will be returned to the Manage People, Companies, and Organizations screen where your deleted PCO record has disappeared from the center grid and a confirmation message appears in the lower left corner.
(b.) If there are other records associated with the PCO record, the Delete PCO screen will appear, showing a list of all associated records:                                                  

Important Note: Associated records must either be transferred to another PCO record or deleted before you can delete a PCO record. If you have no other PCO record to which you want to transfer the associated records, you must first find and delete all other record associations (Animal, Donation, Event) before you can complete the deletion.
In the image above, the deletion is taking place because someone had mistakenly added a duplicate PCO record for Johnathan Swanson. Therefore, it is advisable to transfer the associated records to the other PCO record for Johnathan Swanson. To do that: