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Adding & Managing Medicines

On certain Animal screens in TYR, you will record medications prescribed for specific animals. Here is an example of such a screen:
The medicines that appear in the box labeled "Medicine" are populated from the list you can create during your TYR setup. As you can see in the example above, having this predefined list will save you keystrokes, and you can continue to add medicines to the list as needed. (Note: As you will learn on the ANIMAL RECORDS page entitled Adding & Managing Prescriptions, you are not always restricted to the selection of medicines in the predefined list when recording medicines for specific animals. In the example above, you can also use the "Other Med" field to type in the name of a medicine that is not on your list.)
 This page contains instructions for adding, editing, and deleting medicines in your predefined list.

To Add a Medicine to the List

To Delete a Medicine from the List