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Adding & Managing Animal Records

 When animals come into your care, you need to create and maintain records for those animals. TYR enables you to create new animal records in three ways:
The page explains the procedures for adding, editing, and deleting animal records.

To Add a Single Record for One Animal or Multiple Records for a Group of Animals


Important Notes:

When you compare this screen to the New Animal screen in Step 2 above, you will notice that it contains most of the same fields, but there are a few items missing:
- Number of Animals field (not required because the Animal 1 and Animal 2 sections only allow a single animal record each)
- Owner Surrender selection in the How Acquired drop-down list
- grid to select Who surrendered the animal
As the note at the top of the screen directly under the its title implies, DO NOT use this screen to create a new animal record when you have the name of a person who is surrendering the animal because that important information should become part of the both the animal's and the person's records. (Adding the Owner Surrender information on the single entry screen above automatically makes this information part of both the animal and person record.)

3. For Animal 1, follow the directions in Steps 4 through 17 for Adding a Single Record for One Animal. (Note regarding Step 7 above: "Group" does not apply in this case because this new record must be for a single animal only.)
4. Follow Steps 19 and 20 to complete the first record.
5. To start the second record, click the Animal 2 checkbox at the top of that section to activate the fields.
6. Repeat the steps you just completed for Animal 1, and then click Save to save both new animal records.

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To Edit an Animal Record